Autumn Gal

Autumn Gal
This is a paper caste of a door and castle wall, hand painted and embroideried I call it Sleeping Beauty it was made Dec - 2006

Friday, 12 December 2008

Feeling Cold

Its cold in here today as Hub is putting up a new light by the front door and has it open to plug in the drill, We did have a Solar one but there hasn't been enough sunlight to keep it powered up, so he's bought a nice lantern one that plugs in so he has had to drill the screw holes. Why do they do such things on the coldest day we've had in a while. Its like it has to be done now. He had the other one for a year before he put it up but only got this one a few days ago.

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susan said...

hehe typical male!!!stay warm....go bake something...