Autumn Gal

Autumn Gal
This is a paper caste of a door and castle wall, hand painted and embroideried I call it Sleeping Beauty it was made Dec - 2006

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Good Day

Had a great day today with a small disappointment went to a quilt shop and got the normal handful of fabric and some fab little house buttons perfect for my embroidery got lady birds too very small ones but couldn't get a Crazy Quilt book, Gonna have to buy on line I think, Shops don't seem to stock it seems still good outing as they have a fudge shop at the craft place so got a bag of that too and a sugar mouse


Susan said...

Yum, fudge and quilt shop fabric! Sounds great! Yes, there aren't many quilt shops that have even one cq book. Evening Star Designs online has several, though. E-me if you can't find them with a search engine.

suzyred said...

I ordered one on line from my fav shop They are free post in the UK so it was only 14.49 not bad for the great book I got, but thank you for the suggestion.